About Trinetra IAS

Each year majority of students give up on their dreams due to lack of access to classroom, lack of guidance,fear being judged by those they care about for failing,fail once and never try again,only see the failure, not the lesson, care more about the end result, not the process. They would rather settle for short-term rewards & refuse to pivot and adjust.
On every path, there are times when that self-belief gets shaken.

For some, these tough learning moments are too much to handle. They stop seeing themselves as a work-in-progress, and start to accept that they've failed. 
As a result, they give up. 
And their dream suddenly disappears.

Trinetra IAS committed  to provide guidance on your path to success so that you won't have to settle down with less. We aim to provide you third eye of success.

We provide you best quality courses, premium quality test series, current affairs and complete guidance for UPSC Civil Services Exam and State PCS and various other competitive exams. 

~ Nikhil Aggarwal 
(Founder & CEO)